Fresh and thirst-quenching, with a little bit of spice is the best description of the Moscow Mule. A favorite cocktail for many, served in a gorgeous copper cup and essential on every cocktail menu. We highly recommend you to make this cocktail yourself at home. Check out our recipes on our website and surprise your friends with your mixing skills. Read here how to make the Moscow Mule.

Each classic cocktail comes with its own unique story about its origin and who invented the delicious drinks. One of our favorite tales is the Moscow Mule. This fantastic cocktail was first made by John G. Martin and Jack Morgan, two passionate entrepreneurs from the United States. Vodka was considered a drink that was too dominant and too strong in taste. Vodka was also called “White Whiskey” because of that. Martin and Morgan were both entrepreneurs in the beverage industry and found them struggling with the question; “how do we market our products?” as Martin was a vodka supplier and Morgan sought his business success in ginger beer. When they got together to discuss the issue they quickly found the solution: two shots of vodka in combination with four shots of ginger beer, a pinch of lime and a slice of cucumber to top it off with. This was the moment the Moscow Mule was born. 

Especially for Martin this was a successful period. The time after this is branded as the “vodka craze” and has continued to this day, vodka is an integral part of the cocktail menu. The origin of the Moscow Mule was therefore also the founder of all cocktails we drink and serve now.