It is almost that time of the year again! The Christmas tree is up, the house is decorated and the lights are on. We are gathering the entire family around the Christmas tree with plenty of food and, of course, presents! It is the most wonderful time of the year and even though we must celebrate the holidays with a smaller group this year, it will be just as cozy as always. We like the intimacy of a small group so that you have the opportunity to have good conversations about the previous year and to ponder on what is to come next year. We live in an exciting time, that is for certain!

During these pleasant days with loved ones in which we make the house cozy, we also make it fun at the table. Beautiful tablecloths, matching tableware and Christmas ornaments complete the table decoration. The only question that remains is; how do you best decorate your drink?

Gorgeous glasses can be used but the ultimate Christmas vibe in our eyes are cranberries. Cranberries are extremely versatile. You can dry them as decoration, make a delicious sauce with them and much more! The highlight of the table is of course your glass of vodka, in which the cranberries give it a jolly look. 

For those that don’t drink spirits, the same glasses can be used with water. This way you can create a Christmas table where everything has been thought of and the Christmas period of 2021 will be one to cherish!