Hosting a successful cocktail party doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. All you really need are good cocktails, tasty snacks and the right preparation. Add a few fun elements and you will have a party that will be the talk of the year! With your already overly busy schedule you don’t have time to take on a huge planning, a little eye to detail can make your at home cocktail party a huge success!

We have put together a few valuable tips and ideas that help you organize a memorable cocktail night that everyone will be thrilled about. 

  • Send out a nice invitation

Ensure that the invitations you send look appealing, whether it is a digital invitation or a physical one, make sure it pops out and is in the style of your party. 

  • Make a good music playlist

Make your playlist a party! Sometimes you need to remind your guests it is a party. For example don’t provide too many seating options, let your friends stand. This will definitely allow for good conversations and maybe even dancing!

  • “Do you want a real cocktail bar 2022 Vibe? This playlist is a must!
  • Make sure you have the cocktails and snacks ready

Don’t start preparing the cocktails and snacks during the party, ensure these are already finished during your preparation. You can for example make pinchers with a good cocktail so that your guests won’t have to wait too long for their favorite cocktail to be ready. 

  • Provide plenty of trash cans

It might sound a little dull but it is extremely important! It is something that is often forgotten at parties and when you are the host, trust us, you do not want to forget these. You are fully aware of who will do the cleaning up after;) 

  • Provide plenty of ice

No one wants a warm cocktail during your fun cocktail party. Cocktails and ice are codependent and you do not want to be out of ice at the middle of the night. Ensure you have enough. 

With these 5 preparation tips you are all set for your own cocktail party at home. Do you want to go extra for your party? Think about making a signature cocktail or a WOW item that will make your night unique and complete. 

Have fun!